Uniworld’s fleet of more than 150 chassis has the versatility to transport containers of all weights and sizes, ranging in length from 20′ to 53′ and everything in between, including genset chassis for powering refrigerated/reefer containers.

At Uniworld Logistics, we understand that proper equipment maintenance is vital not only to our success, but yours, as well.

Our Safety Department maintains thorough maintenance records for every piece of owned or leased equipment. In addition to annual safety inspections, every chassis must undergo a governement-mandated service consisting of brake adjustments, oil/fluid changes and a complete mechanical inspection.

Our stringent safety program ensures that all equipment is regularly inspected, and necessary services or repairs are performed in a timely manner. If any chassis is found to be damaged or deficient, our drivers and tehcnicians mark it with a red tag, which flags that chassis for immediate mechanical attention and excludes it from being used until all issues have been resolved.

Because no one can afford to have unsafe equipment on the road.

20-40’ Combination and
20-40’-45’ Combination Chassis

20’ Tandem and 20’ Tri-Axle Chassis

40’ Tandem and 40’ Tri-Axle Chassis

40-45-48-53’ Tri-Axle Extendable Chassis


Genset chassis

8-Pin Chassis


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